Without you, I'm nothing

I have 3 Kids. They were born 1986,1989 and 1996.I left school quite a long time ago, that's why my english is propably bad. I'm sorry for that! I like travelling through Ireland (not that I ever visited the Emerald Island)). Dublin is my fave city. Spending an evening or more in a homely pup.
I'm eager visiting egypt and greece, because of their incredible culture!

Mostly, I prefer romantic. Romantic story's about Alex & Phai, or Colin & Jared, because they are my fave pairings. I'm also up for slashy fics including also a good sense of humour in it!
So, now you've learned anything about me, maybe even more than you ever asked for!? *g*

May you add me, or not...?! *puppy eyes* ;)
Your cujlover.