Her voice reminds me of Edith Piaf...soo talented!
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To my dear f-list!

I know haven't heard from me in a while!
So, you may wonder where is this cujlover,.... btw?! LOL

I wouldn't mind, if you're mad at me, being absent and commenting less than earlier in the past!
Please believe me, I'm so sorry for that!

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R.I.P. all the victims of the latest assassination in Norway!
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About 90 dead...cruelest fact of a sick minded guy!
Feel with all the beloved parents and relateds, they left!

Left with deep sad feelings for their beloveds.

My lovely f-list,

R.I. P. Amy Winehouse!
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Loved her amazing voice and her style in music and fashion!
She was a great talented young woman, who died much too young!

I'll always admire her work!

R.I. P. Amy Winehouse!

YAY! Just saw this bloody BOSS commercial, too!
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Looks ok, but not the syncro-voice! Why the heck, they do not use his
movie-syncro...?! Damnit!

But hey...this is Jared on....TV...mor than one times on a day!!


May I introduce you 'Shelter' ...? Beautiful film!
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Hey, my dear f-list,...
....I found something nice and wanna share with you!

I know, this hasn't got anything to do with Colin or Jared--Alexander or Hephaestion,
but I just thought I should recomment this beautiful film!

Forever Young - "Shelter" movie recap

This is just a fan video, but one, which is not that bad...like the song too!
Song: Setting Sun
Artist: Eskimo Joe
I start to like this band.

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O - medeto o - iwai no kotoba nihon!!!! :-)
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Congratulation Japan!!!

German vs. Japan

0 : 1

After a long and hard fight...Japan got the well deserved victory!!!

(hope spelling is right)

I'm happy for the team of Nippon!! :-)))

Nighty night, Lady's!



Wish you kinda naughty dreams...me again....
Now I'm up for Luz' Saturday post, hehehe!

Women's Football World Championsship...German vs. Japan!
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Hello, my dear f-list ...currently I'm about watching football on TV!

Right now the encounter: Germany : Japan!

And honestly, I don't know which team I shall shout encouragement..?

The encounter before was France : England.

French team won, so...

............Félicitation France!!!

...and poor english Ladies!

But...There can only be one winner!

Lovely weekend, my dear friends!



Btw,.hey Jun, sweety,...I keep my fingers crossed, one for your team, one for ours, ok? :-)

Found something nice.....
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Hey my dear friends!

Accidently found a wonderful piece of cinematics.
In case some of you do already know this movie, then sorry for spamming your LJ!

But if you still not feel bothered, I bet you'll like it!:-)

Get more under the cut...
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Little RL update...
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Sorry for being lazy commenting lately...

Last week was...lemme say...kinda busy...painted the ceiling in our bath...you may know how much effort it cost before: protecting all from dropping color and to tape all areas I won't paint at all, or what was not supposed to be painted...so there were lots of shite (sorry, my nasty tongue again) to do.
And I'm still not ready at all. New curtain rails to hang up. Had to search for our drill machine...everytime I need it, its clearly vanished! No idea were my hubby left it ... ? :(
Ever the same...using machines or tools and then leave it there....*shakes head*
This concept of him may not bother at all....as long as nobody needs the tools *rolls eyes*...but then again....otherwise the calamitous tool hunting party starts again....grrrrrrrr :-((
So..cut the rant now!!!!

Ah...and then yesterday my hubby celebrated his b-day and btw, we also our wedding anniversary...25th!!! Can't believe...

Our three kiddies did some special for us Nice to say!
They created a little book, looks like a city guide and a aganda for a sight seeing tour in one.
They even booked a hotel for us for to stay overnight!
Isn't it super amazing?!
Oops...forgot to tell...the city we're gonna go is calling Mainz at the river Rhine!
Kids told us there are some interesting ancient roman museums to see and a lot of 'must see' spots....so we#re prepared. And its this upcoming weekend, so I assume this will also turn out as a busy week...including the weekend! :-)))

It amuses me, how busy and conspirative they worked together...thought they were planning something, but never I thought of this! :-)
Working this out together wasn't easy at all, given that that my daughter Andrea lives in Würzburg and my older son also often is in Würzburg, 'cos the Uni is in Wü., so they had to call a lot or emailing back and forth.
Nevertheless, they did it great and we are now curious of what they
suggested us to see! :-)

We are happy and proud to have such nice kiddies!
I know, I know we're not the only parents with nice kids, hey but...they are just ours!

So..again sorry, my friends....I try to catch up with reading all your wonderful drabbles, stories and entries as well.

Lots of love,


Incubus are back.....and I still love 'em!
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A few days ago, exactly 17th, June they played a concert in Berlin,
were a german friend of me were there with here family and friend!
She infacted me with her enthusiasm....I mean I loved the band in the past, anyway, but now I practically listen to 'em all day!!!
And......mmmmm....is this guy 'Brandon Boyd' a sight or what??!!!

Are you curious now?...clicky, clicky :-)

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