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Jared's Speech at Golden Globe!
cream slice
First of all:

I wish you a very


May you all have a successful and whats more important, a HEALTHY new year!

Hey gals, I know...I'm an unfaithful tomato,
but I still love all of you friends!
Hope, I'm capable of being here more often in the near future!

What did this camera man expect, when he was holding the camera
on Colin for this long?
Maybe a loving gestre like:"I love you, Jay" ?
Ok, that would be a scoop, hm? :)
Honestly and unfortunately...I discovered a blank Colin...
or what did you think about his facial expression?
Have a more exactly look at 1:33!
Judge yourself, maybe I'm incredibly wrong...? Hope so! ;)))

Lots of hugs and kisses,

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Ok, thanks for your reply, Martina...right? (I'm ashamed, but I'm not so sure)
Even when I was so ...yeah, I already said it, unfaithful to you all!

It is also moving, you even remember my mum!
Thanks for your interest, dear!
Yes, she was one of the lucky persons, who survived this
hostage of the humanity!
And I truly hope, she will not suffer again of cancer!
Enough is enough!

To the globe:
Yes, you're right...Colin was also kinda staring in nothing, while
his little movie announcement.

Maybe he was just a little sulky...? ;)

Although...a kingdom for that I could've joined the after_party! ;)))

I too hope, no I will join you all much more often!

hugs you,


Edited at 2014-01-19 09:59 pm (UTC)

Hello, Carmen! You got very close to remembering my name, it is actually Marina. :)

Funny thing, Jared's win at Golden Globe prompted you for this post, and I am writing back just some hours before the Oscars. Hopefully, Jared will get his golden statue here, he deserves it for his great performance. I don't know whether it is a pure coincidence or stars realigned on purpose this year, but it is also a year of the 10th anniversary of the movie release. Do you remember that? When I joined different Alexander's communities on the net, you were already a veteran. :)

I don't know about your relationship with Alexandersarmy on LJ, I would like to invite you to participate in some of the activities we planned. You can see the general ideas here

and we also started scene by scene discussions yesterday, but you can see the calendar here

I hope you can join us at some of the events.

Hugs and all the best.

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