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Football (soccer) EM on TV!
cream slice
First of all: I'm not that much into football!

But I definitely watch all the Irish matches!
Hope their will be a lot of it.

So, I hope they'll at least make it out of the first round!

And today I found this on my fb-page...and what should I say....

nothing, but I LOVE IT and agree!!

Will say: no, I'll not beat up...I'll enjoy the view and applaud them! ;)))

an image posted by Florian Beele

Good luck,
all you players!


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Oh, I haven't see that one yet. Perfect, just perfect!! Love it.
I'm not much of a football fan, either, but I'll watch the match Germany vs. Holland. Simply because the furniture store we bought new living room closets and the dining table at yesterday has got this bet going - if Germany beats Holland 4:2 everyone who spent more than €1000 is getting their furniture FOR FREE. :-)
Chances are low, but I definitely have to watch that match! Keep your fingers crossed.
Did you see the McDonald's commercial with those fan busses of the German and Dutch team? That is sooo funny!! First the Dutch are cheering and almost sticking out their tongues for being faster than the German bus, but then they miss the exit to McDonald's and the German's are cheering again, enjoying their French fries and stuff, while you see a lot of looooong, sad, Dutch faces. Hilarious! xD He who laughs last ... I sure hope we'll gonna be the ones laughing last with our furniture for free. :))))

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