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Breithla Shona Duit - Colin Farrell!
Smiling  Irish Sunshine
HAPPY Birthday, Colin!

Our chocolate eye charming womanizer! ;D

Where were we without your great acting of Alexander the Great
...and not to forget your gorgeous and allways reasonable and calming General Hephaestion,
alias Jared Leto?!

Yes, we love both of you, but YOU are the
more important person, today!!!

So, I'm sure lovely Tariel all year...honour you
with a little photostory....will you, Marion?

As for I'm not the creative one; I'll just search for a pic or two. :D
That does not mean, I love you less, Colin, but she's undoubtedly better,
and most of the times she made us laugh about her photo-stories. ;))
Or at least smile!

As for that, I turn the word directlxy to you, sweetie!
"According to your skills, Marion, I expect a lil stuff like that?!", this isn't you, Colin! *tss*
But your handsome companion, you remember?
We all, ok...some of us hope/wish you two will become a real couple sometimes! *hides*

Hehehe...I see, we're not the only fools who were thinking equal about you two, huh?!

Umm...I never expect you're that desperated to gain his love back, but hey...its your decision how you get him back, huh?! XD word: make sure you choose the sedative munition! ;D

Bíodh an lá go deas le cairde agus teaghlaigh, Colin!
(Have a nice day with friends and family, Colin!)

Your german Fangirl,

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That's okay, dear. I'm just disappointed about myself and how little I'm able to do in this fandom lately. My head is just crowded with so many thoughts - and Kira's maths homework actually exceeded my abilities. :-) It's been too long. Yesterday she had to figure out edge lenth, volume and surface of a three dimensional 'S' ... a dice or a cuboid would have been too easy, I suppose. It took her roughly three hours yesterday to do her maths and study English for the exam today, so she was in bed after 8 p.m., the poor thing. I hope she was able to do well in that exam at all.

Don't worry about it. It was okay of you to ask. I try to do better next time. :-)

Truth to be told - I don't like beer at all. Living in Bavaria, where babies are raised on beer, you are probably scandalized now. LoL I'm a Rhineland girl - that means wine is my beverage and that I had indeed. Nice semi-dry white wine. Too bad the weather sucks now, but a little rain is good for the garden. For the big one in Waldniel, too. Till renovations are completed, we gonna have a gardener in there doing the mowing - he worked for the former owners for years, too, and is keeping the property tidy now and we thought it was a wise idea to ask him to continue, while we don't live there yet. I wouldn't want having to drive out there and having to worry about that in the middle of the renovation and moving chaos. But after that, the fun will be all ours. :-)

Putting my feet on the couch ... Sure. It's my hubby's birthday tomorrow. You know what that means! Guest ... Means cleaning the place AGAIN and baking cake ... pfff.

Have a nice weekend!
Hugs back.

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