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Breithla Shona Duit - Colin Farrell!
Smiling  Irish Sunshine
HAPPY Birthday, Colin!

Our chocolate eye charming womanizer! ;D

Where were we without your great acting of Alexander the Great
...and not to forget your gorgeous and allways reasonable and calming General Hephaestion,
alias Jared Leto?!

Yes, we love both of you, but YOU are the
more important person, today!!!

So, I'm sure lovely Tariel all year...honour you
with a little photostory....will you, Marion?

As for I'm not the creative one; I'll just search for a pic or two. :D
That does not mean, I love you less, Colin, but she's undoubtedly better,
and most of the times she made us laugh about her photo-stories. ;))
Or at least smile!

As for that, I turn the word directlxy to you, sweetie!
"According to your skills, Marion, I expect a lil stuff like that?!", this isn't you, Colin! *tss*
But your handsome companion, you remember?
We all, ok...some of us hope/wish you two will become a real couple sometimes! *hides*

Hehehe...I see, we're not the only fools who were thinking equal about you two, huh?!

Umm...I never expect you're that desperated to gain his love back, but hey...its your decision how you get him back, huh?! XD word: make sure you choose the sedative munition! ;D

Bíodh an lá go deas le cairde agus teaghlaigh, Colin!
(Have a nice day with friends and family, Colin!)

Your german Fangirl,

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First important question: Whose heart do you want to melt??? ummm my Mum is being naughty and she is cheating on his loverboy!!!!! tst tst!!!

Lovely post and I suppose you were writing in Irish ! well done, mum

Take care and come back, I miss you!!!!!!!


>First important question: Whose heart do you want to melt???<

No, not cheating....I just try to melt his heart again....he's a little absent, lately, isn't he?!

Last thing I heard about him was, the new film, where he replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger..."Total Recall".
I'm so curious, because I watched the film, back then....with Arnie?! I'm no real friend of him, honestly. Only film I like with him is "True Lies".

But "Total Recall" with Colin...mmmh...*getting wet, only by thinking of it*
*oops, blush* :)) I always getting naughty, thinking of that Irish hunk, damn...! :)))

So, no not cheating! Yes, there are lots of good looking guys around, but none ist like my boy!


Except maybe Jared! *hides*

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