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Maybe a modern version of Hephaestion....???
cream slice
Hey, my lovely Ladies!

I've got this strong feeling, I just found a modern version of
our Beloved gorgeous General Hephaestion!

No, not for his...also...good looking I feel captured, but
for his unconditional, his pure, his lovingly, caring and obviusly deep love for his partner...
even after a long time of 24years ago!!!

Yes, sometimes it happens! ;D

More behind the cut!
All started about half an hour ago, when I searched for the movie 'Kings Speech' on amazon.
As I like this amazing english actor: Colin Firth, I admire since I saw 'Pride and Prejudice'
back then in my youth! s, you all might know, how this whole amazon thing works, when you are searching for one movie or something they offer you lots of kind stuff, you know?!
So, they shown me 'A single Man', which I watched a while ago and since then I'm in love with that film, too!

Now, I'll slowly come to point....the director of this amazing adaption of the drama of Christopher Isherwood, most likely a remake.....was Tom Ford.
Yes, Tom Ford, the fashion designer!
But, hey girls...this movie is a masterpiece of direction and acting!

And...when I found this article, which forced me to do this entry....first I/my heart felt so
intensely touched about their love story and even now a life time love story!!!

OMG, how I adore them...

Guy(s) about I'm speaking of the whole time are: Tom Ford - even that fashion designer and director of that movie I mentioned and: his lover Richard Buckley, editor of a new Fairchild magazine called Scene and later of the fashion (life style) magazine vogue.

They told pieces of their first encounters in the magazine OUT....each of them in their own's interesting how their POVs are fit. :)

I was deeply moved, I swear, I had tears in my eyes...tears of joy! (old sissy, huh)! ;D

And now my POV, my very own oppinion, 'Tom Ford' could be a kind of modern Phae!

To show you, what I meant....two links will follow. (maybe two pictures)

The two POVs of the Love Birds!
Curious how do you'll like! :)
Hope it'll work!

) case you wonder....they are quite a few years in ages different!
Tom was 25 and Richard was 38 back then!!!
Even though...It works! They still are in love like first least Richard mentioned! :)

I just decided to add this li'l video on:
Oops, there are more parts... hehe...I'll deliver...
So, now enjoy!

Hope this entry enlights your day as it did with mine! :))

LOve you girls!

Send a biiig embrace to Jun, Sis Luz, Marion, Karen, Marina
and all of my f-list!
and to my daughter chicken Marilina,
an extra bear hug and kisses :)


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Isn't it?!
They both impressed me well, because it is a rare thing in that business,
hold on a relationship for such a long time in general!
No matter, if straight or gay...look at Heidi Klum...a.s.o.....

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