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cream slice
My Ladies,

I wish you all a few

nice and hopefully very relaxed days! :)

I still thinking of you and planned of

stopping by here more often again!!

RL update:
Although my mum is getting better
every day, and that makes us(family) very happy and hopefully,
there are still bad health news, in my hubby's family!

I wasn't sure, if I should bother you with my family affairs,
but on the other side, we are, I thought...maybe I tell you...?!
Sad, but true, on the other side one of my sis-in-laws
and my mum-in-law got and is getting the same surgeon.
My sis-in-law was in luck, she didn't even need chemo, but right now we have no idea about my mum-in-law,
because she's even 82, so we don't know what doctors are going to decide in her case.
Another sis-in-law got a knot in her head around the venes and nerves very near
vertebras. S, this is just a very shitty difficult case...and the docs make her waiting
3 month and observe the spot! Isn't it horrible? Hanging between heaven and hell, or hope and
desperation! Even though the docs believe that the knot has a good nature, but....they aren't not pretty sure sure. That's why they want observe it a longer time.
Yesterday I visit her and after she told me the whole shit of her case, I've pulled her in my arms and we cried together.
She's actually my loveliest sis-in-law, I like her a lot. She's about 5 or 6 yrs older than
my hubby and they look alike very much. One's more feminin the other more masculin facial character, but you can see very easy, they're siblings!:)
So, now you're up to date and/but I hope I don't bothered my friends too much.
Just wanted to tell you...maybe a tiny, but not a good, excuse why I'm absent so often in the past year.
Mad world!

So, I will do like Michael Jackson.... :),

I love you all, my friends! *squeaks* LOL

No, I really miss you all achingly and as I said above....I'll try to
make it more often to lj!

Hugs and kisses to you all,
muchos besos y abrazos, mi queridas amigas!

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Happy Easter MUM!!!!!!
Happy to know your mum is doing better but not happy at all to know about your in-laws health problems!
My prays will go towards you and your family in this difficult time!

Don't worry, updates are always welcome because they mean that you are still thinking about us and confident to share your things!

take care and let us know how things are going!

besos y abrazos


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