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cream slice
My Ladies,

I wish you all a few

nice and hopefully very relaxed days! :)

I still thinking of you and planned of

stopping by here more often again!!

RL update:
Although my mum is getting better
every day, and that makes us(family) very happy and hopefully,
there are still bad health news, in my hubby's family!

I wasn't sure, if I should bother you with my family affairs,
but on the other side, we are, I thought...maybe I tell you...?!
Sad, but true, on the other side one of my sis-in-laws
and my mum-in-law got and is getting the same surgeon.
My sis-in-law was in luck, she didn't even need chemo, but right now we have no idea about my mum-in-law,
because she's even 82, so we don't know what doctors are going to decide in her case.
Another sis-in-law got a knot in her head around the venes and nerves very near
vertebras. S, this is just a very shitty difficult case...and the docs make her waiting
3 month and observe the spot! Isn't it horrible? Hanging between heaven and hell, or hope and
desperation! Even though the docs believe that the knot has a good nature, but....they aren't not pretty sure sure. That's why they want observe it a longer time.
Yesterday I visit her and after she told me the whole shit of her case, I've pulled her in my arms and we cried together.
She's actually my loveliest sis-in-law, I like her a lot. She's about 5 or 6 yrs older than
my hubby and they look alike very much. One's more feminin the other more masculin facial character, but you can see very easy, they're siblings!:)
So, now you're up to date and/but I hope I don't bothered my friends too much.
Just wanted to tell you...maybe a tiny, but not a good, excuse why I'm absent so often in the past year.
Mad world!

So, I will do like Michael Jackson.... :),

I love you all, my friends! *squeaks* LOL

No, I really miss you all achingly and as I said above....I'll try to
make it more often to lj!

Hugs and kisses to you all,
muchos besos y abrazos, mi queridas amigas!

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Happy Easter and great to hear your mom is better.

I agree with luzestrellera, it's your LJ and we're here your friends. It's a place where we share our RL not only indulge in fantasies about... well, you know.

Sorry to hear that the news about your in-law family is not so good, but wishing for the best. I agree, of course, waiting for the unknown is excruciatingly difficult, sometimes you just wish to know and that's it. I hope the news will be positive.

Take care.

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