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Hey lovely Lady's!

I know I didn't appear that much lately....feel sorry for that!
Its not all alone because of my mom, but also because I didn't manage my life that organized than before.
Wouldn't exactly swear it was any better before my mom's illness, but a little better, so to say :-)
I'm just a 'chaos queen' at all, hehehe !

So, what I wanted to share with you guys is this little nostalgic amazing-Jared-cheer-up-vid :-)
Hope this vid will work for you case I'm gonna add on the link (below the embed vid).

Jared Leto talks about bungee jumping from TheMenOfMars on Vimeo.

So, here's the link:

Why did I load up this....because it reminded me a little of that crappy drabble, or ficlet, I wrote once ;-)
Where Jared dragged Colin to do a bungee-jump with him because he got something in mind....;-)))))

Lots of love to you all, sweeties!

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Ooops and yess I too liked the interview....listening to him is a joy! :-)

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