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R.I.P. Andy Whitfield - Fallen Warrior
cream slice
And again the scourge of humanity grabbed a new victim!
God I hate cancer!

This is such sad news. After battling against non-Hodgkin Lymphoma after Spartacus Season 1 and going into remission, Andy had to battle once again when the disease came back and for 18 months he was in a fight for his life. Unfortunately this was one opponent he couldn't win against and yesterday, Andy lost the battle and passed away in Sydney.

Can't express how sad I am over that loss!

In my eyes he was the best Spartacus ever!

Lots of love, girls!

Two fan sites to recall some memories about him and the series Spartacus:

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Watched this series online, because of a recommentation of delos...not sure anymore, or was it riaki? Ooops mortifying at all!
And yes, cancer sucks that much and was always and will always be my worst fear, too!


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