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R.I.P. Andy Whitfield - Fallen Warrior
cream slice
And again the scourge of humanity grabbed a new victim!
God I hate cancer!

This is such sad news. After battling against non-Hodgkin Lymphoma after Spartacus Season 1 and going into remission, Andy had to battle once again when the disease came back and for 18 months he was in a fight for his life. Unfortunately this was one opponent he couldn't win against and yesterday, Andy lost the battle and passed away in Sydney.

Can't express how sad I am over that loss!

In my eyes he was the best Spartacus ever!

Lots of love, girls!

Two fan sites to recall some memories about him and the series Spartacus:

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Who? Sorry, I don't watch that series and don't know the man, but I'm sorry his passing makes you sad. You liked him, huh? In any case, he was too young to die and cancer is one of the worst diseases ever (and my greatest fear). Hope you're okay, my friend.

Watched this series online, because of a recommentation of delos...not sure anymore, or was it riaki? Ooops mortifying at all!
And yes, cancer sucks that much and was always and will always be my worst fear, too!


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