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Jared's Speech at Golden Globe!
cream slice
First of all:

I wish you a very


May you all have a successful and whats more important, a HEALTHY new year!

Hey gals, I know...I'm an unfaithful tomato,
but I still love all of you friends!
Hope, I'm capable of being here more often in the near future!

What did this camera man expect, when he was holding the camera
on Colin for this long?
Maybe a loving gestre like:"I love you, Jay" ?
Ok, that would be a scoop, hm? :)
Honestly and unfortunately...I discovered a blank Colin...
or what did you think about his facial expression?
Have a more exactly look at 1:33!
Judge yourself, maybe I'm incredibly wrong...? Hope so! ;)))

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Football (soccer) EM on TV!
cream slice
First of all: I'm not that much into football!

But I definitely watch all the Irish matches!
Hope their will be a lot of it.

So, I hope they'll at least make it out of the first round!

And today I found this on my fb-page...and what should I say....

nothing, but I LOVE IT and agree!!

Will say: no, I'll not beat up...I'll enjoy the view and applaud them! ;)))

an image posted by Florian Beele

Good luck,
all you players!


Breithla Shona Duit - Colin Farrell!
Smiling  Irish Sunshine
HAPPY Birthday, Colin!

Our chocolate eye charming womanizer! ;D

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Maybe a modern version of Hephaestion....???
cream slice
Hey, my lovely Ladies!

I've got this strong feeling, I just found a modern version of
our Beloved gorgeous General Hephaestion!

No, not for his...also...good looking I feel captured, but
for his unconditional, his pure, his lovingly, caring and obviusly deep love for his partner...
even after a long time of 24years ago!!!

Yes, sometimes it happens! ;D

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cream slice
My Ladies,

I wish you all a few

nice and hopefully very relaxed days! :)

I still thinking of you and planned of

stopping by here more often again!!

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I can't believe it.....
cream slice
......no, I can't believe.....

Was about to switch-off the TV.....
and then it happened....first I heard that nice melody of a movie
recognized so far....and then I saw that dove...and than again it become very clear,
which film they are showing here now!!!

WOW! I'm thrilled!
*did the happy dance and don't get that stupid smile off of my face again...hehehe*

"BUT....you stupid TV- programm manager or whatever you are......WHY SO FUCKING LATE?"

This isn't a porn, even, This is an exciting art work of a film,
How dare some people have to decide to show this amazing film so damn late?!
I have no answer for this!

Ok, at least its on, now and instead of going to go sleeping, I'm about watching and enjoying it, although I got the DVD! :-)
And the odd thing about it is, I already have planned to watch it tomorrow, while ironing
and tiding living room.
Now, what d'ya say now, huh?! Is that crazy or what....what a connection?! *shakes head in disbelieve ...and joy* ;-))


Nighty Nite!
Lovely dreams to you all, my friends!
I still love you, my f-list,
and be sure, I didn't forgot you!
You're all so kind!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN....hahaha...
cream slice
Hey Girls,

look what I discovered...just a few minutes ago on my facebook side....

Its a naughty kind of wish!

Postet by a german friend: Chris P. Rolls

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cream slice
Hey sweetheart! My best wishes to you and your sunshine from me.....I know she hasn't today, but yesterday, right? Hope you had an unforgettable, incredible, beautiful day and may follw them many returns! And please, give your sunshine a big hug from me, too....according to her own b-day....yesterday?! Agh,...I just came from nightshift, so maybe this wishes will probably come too late....*sniff*....sorry! En primer lugar la torta para mi nieta: Photobucket Ahorita para mi hija :-) Photobucket To more pics under the ....Read more...Collapse )

Mmmm...got some sweets.....;-)
cream slice
Hey lovely Lady's!

I know I didn't appear that much lately....feel sorry for that!
Its not all alone because of my mom, but also because I didn't manage my life that organized than before.
Wouldn't exactly swear it was any better before my mom's illness, but a little better, so to say :-)
I'm just a 'chaos queen' at all, hehehe !

So, what I wanted to share with you guys is this little nostalgic amazing-Jared-cheer-up-vid :-)
Hope this vid will work for you all....in case I'm gonna add on the link (below the embed vid).

Jared Leto talks about bungee jumping from TheMenOfMars on Vimeo.

So, here's the link:

Why did I load up this....because it reminded me a little of that crappy drabble, or ficlet, I wrote once ;-)
Where Jared dragged Colin to do a bungee-jump with him because he got something in mind....;-)))))

Lots of love to you all, sweeties!

R.I.P. Andy Whitfield - Fallen Warrior
cream slice
And again the scourge of humanity grabbed a new victim!
God I hate cancer!

This is such sad news. After battling against non-Hodgkin Lymphoma after Spartacus Season 1 and going into remission, Andy had to battle once again when the disease came back and for 18 months he was in a fight for his life. Unfortunately this was one opponent he couldn't win against and yesterday, Andy lost the battle and passed away in Sydney.

Can't express how sad I am over that loss!

In my eyes he was the best Spartacus ever!

Lots of love, girls!

Two fan sites to recall some memories about him and the series Spartacus: