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Jared's Speech at Golden Globe!
cream slice
First of all:

I wish you a very


May you all have a successful and whats more important, a HEALTHY new year!

Hey gals, I know...I'm an unfaithful tomato,
but I still love all of you friends!
Hope, I'm capable of being here more often in the near future!

What did this camera man expect, when he was holding the camera
on Colin for this long?
Maybe a loving gestre like:"I love you, Jay" ?
Ok, that would be a scoop, hm? :)
Honestly and unfortunately...I discovered a blank Colin...
or what did you think about his facial expression?
Have a more exactly look at 1:33!
Judge yourself, maybe I'm incredibly wrong...? Hope so! ;)))

Lots of hugs and kisses,

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