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Football (soccer) EM on TV!
cream slice
First of all: I'm not that much into football!

But I definitely watch all the Irish matches!
Hope their will be a lot of it.

So, I hope they'll at least make it out of the first round!

And today I found this on my fb-page...and what should I say....

nothing, but I LOVE IT and agree!!

Will say: no, I'll not beat up...I'll enjoy the view and applaud them! ;)))

an image posted by Florian Beele

Good luck,
all you players!


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Yes,yes,yes....hehehe....too funny, that commercial, isn't it?
Eventough its a MacDonalds one! ;-)

I decided to post this, 'cause I stiil wonder...when will have this ridiculous hide'n seek-playing with homosexuality in football-sport...when will it finally comes to an end???

Come on, we all know, there are not only a few player, who are gay!
There I liked the statement of Theo Zwanziger -he was the president of the German Football Association (DFB) from 2006 to 2012- this man encuraged gay football player(mostly germans,I guess)to come out...he said he wanted to help them, however he could! If they finally had the curage to do it!

I don't even know that man much more as for his strange surname *g* before, but for this, I tip my hat!!!

Good thing, man.

But unfortunately, not even one didn't come out, since then...?!
Its probably because of some aggrassive Hooligans!
They'd probably kill them!

Sad, sad, sad!!!
How dare a few narrow minded fans can destroy so much of lives of football player...or maybe even other sports men!
Shame on them!
Okay, I just have to catch myself right now, because I feel the rage is rising from deep down and start s to roll over my manner...
Sorry for my rant.

Ok, looking forward to the Ireland match, tonite 8:45p.m.! ;-)))

bye luv,


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