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I can't believe it.....
cream slice
cujlover, I can't believe.....

Was about to switch-off the TV.....
and then it happened....first I heard that nice melody of a movie
recognized so far....and then I saw that dove...and than again it become very clear,
which film they are showing here now!!!

WOW! I'm thrilled!
*did the happy dance and don't get that stupid smile off of my face again...hehehe*

" stupid TV- programm manager or whatever you are......WHY SO FUCKING LATE?"

This isn't a porn, even, This is an exciting art work of a film,
How dare some people have to decide to show this amazing film so damn late?!
I have no answer for this!

Ok, at least its on, now and instead of going to go sleeping, I'm about watching and enjoying it, although I got the DVD! :-)
And the odd thing about it is, I already have planned to watch it tomorrow, while ironing
and tiding living room.
Now, what d'ya say now, huh?! Is that crazy or what....what a connection?! *shakes head in disbelieve ...and joy* ;-))


Nighty Nite!
Lovely dreams to you all, my friends!
I still love you, my f-list,
and be sure, I didn't forgot you!
You're all so kind!

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What nother connection, no?! Great, did you already able to watch it, yet?
Great Film!

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