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I can't believe it.....
cream slice
cujlover, I can't believe.....

Was about to switch-off the TV.....
and then it happened....first I heard that nice melody of a movie
recognized so far....and then I saw that dove...and than again it become very clear,
which film they are showing here now!!!

WOW! I'm thrilled!
*did the happy dance and don't get that stupid smile off of my face again...hehehe*

" stupid TV- programm manager or whatever you are......WHY SO FUCKING LATE?"

This isn't a porn, even, This is an exciting art work of a film,
How dare some people have to decide to show this amazing film so damn late?!
I have no answer for this!

Ok, at least its on, now and instead of going to go sleeping, I'm about watching and enjoying it, although I got the DVD! :-)
And the odd thing about it is, I already have planned to watch it tomorrow, while ironing
and tiding living room.
Now, what d'ya say now, huh?! Is that crazy or what....what a connection?! *shakes head in disbelieve ...and joy* ;-))


Nighty Nite!
Lovely dreams to you all, my friends!
I still love you, my f-list,
and be sure, I didn't forgot you!
You're all so kind!

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hey mum! enjoy the film now and tomnorrow!
Sorry i have not answered back yet but after December 1st I am all yours again!!!

I have still to write nearly 8,000 words to finish my NANO and I am working hard to achieve it!!!!!

Nice floating man there heheheheheh!

Sleep tight, muy dear!!!

YOur forever
Daughter Chicken


Oh my I just got Mr. Nobody in the mail the other day!!!

What nother connection, no?! Great, did you already able to watch it, yet?
Great Film!

No I have not but real soon.

I miss you!!!!!

Happy that you could see it on TV. Somehow it's different than watching DVD, isn't it?

Oooohhh, Mr. Nobody was on TV?! Where?? Lemme see, when did you write this entry ... Check the TV guide ... ARD!? You are watching ARD and ZDF? :-)))) Didn't think anyone does ... I know I never do and they gave the film such a ridiculous title, that I would have missed it even if I'd checked the TV guide before. And 0:20?! That's way beyond my bedtime anyway. Good thing I've got that film on DVD, so I can watch it whenever I please and not when the silly studio bosses are inclined to show it - in the middle of the night!

These days I'm mostly watching the Unity Media pay TV channels. I'm totally addicted to the History Channel and Discovery Channel, Biography channel, National Geographics and Kabel Classics or FOX Series which show those wonderful old series like Simon & Simon or Charlie's Angels. LoL

I just watched a docu about Angkor Wat and before that 'The world without people', which is a fascinating docu what would happen if from one day to the next all people would just disappear. One thing's for sure - it's a lot quieter and so wonderful full of nature. xD I think I almost like it better without people although I would miss one or the other - like myself. LoL

Title was indeed, >typical for german program makers< ....ok title was:
"Ein Mann, drei Leben - Mr.Nobody!" Wie bescheuert kann man sei, hä?!
Die ham doch den A.... offen!
Wie gesagt: So., ARD , 0:2o a.m.
Naja, jedenfalls war die Kritik überschwenglich, wow!
Und warum dann sooo f***ing spät.....????
Aber auch witzig...:SCI-FI Drama mit "30 Seconds to Mars Sänger" Jared Leto!!!
Hehehe...verrückt irgendwie wo sie früher die Band teilweise andersherum beworben haben....
Yes, sometimes I watch ARD,ZDF, ARTE,3SAT ....all the channels are ok, last 2 are qualitative absolutely good, first 2 are even ok, too....sometimes! :-)
But this was mere an accident, I actually was about to switch off the TV to read some fics or drabbles, but then again,....I was hypnotized from a melody I reconized as a nice one, which I thought I've heard it once...? ;-)
Then I gave it a more exact look then it was perfectly clear as I saw that dove in the front credits, you know....So my plans were changed by Jared...and you should've see me then....*embarrasing!* a school girl jumping on my sofa and squee...*silently,of cours* because my family already slept, hehehe!

And to your -I guess- rhetoric question, if I watch ARD and ZDF....of course,
there have some benefits: 1.) after 8 p.m. no commercials and 2.)there are some and of top more qualitative researched documentaries and culture reports, than on that private channels.
For an example sundays I like on "titel,thesen,temperamente", or on ZDF also on sundays 7:30 pm they show some history documentary, even about Alexander...and all the ancient civillizations.....I'm keen on.
Yeah sometimes its worth watching the channels for grannies, hehehe!

......nd sometimes you even find some jewels, like "Mr.Nobody" or earlier that year on ZDF "Switchback"! The only shit....the really good stuff, they present that late....damn dumbasses!!!!

Ok, so then you have a plus that I miss, yet! Pay TV channels!
We don't have that! My hubby won't pay for TV, and if I'm perfectly honest, me too! But I'm also honest, I terribly miss History Channel and Discovery Channel, Biography channel, National Geographics and Kabel Classics or FOX Series!
Um...btw, did you got that documentary with Jared on Discovery Channel, called:
"Jared Leto-Alaska's Bush Pilots" ? If not, you can watch it on youtube....split in 7 pieces. It's cool, you can see Jared as himself here, how he's enjoying himself in pure nature, amazing.....think you already watched, no?

P.S. Next time I spot some Colin or Jared stuff eary enough to warn you, so I will, ok?

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